Bylaws of the Vespa Club of Seattle

Rev C: Feb 19 2007

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  1. Name
      Vespa Club of Seattle, aka VCOS
  2. Object (Purpose)
      The Vespa Club of Seattle’s purpose is to organize the different types of scooter riders in Seattle into a group that does not revolve around music, fashion or one particular lifestyle, but is simply brought together by the love of Vespa scooters.
  3. Members
    1. Classes of Membership
      1. Voting
        1. Founding
        2. General
        3. Life
      2. Non-Voting
        1. Honorary
        2. Business
        3. Benefactor
        4. Distance/Absentee
    2. Eligibility
        Membership requires current dues payment.
    3. Fees and Dues
      1. General Members
        1. Dues for New General Members are forty (40) U.S. Dollars, and twenty (20) U.S. Dollars per year for renewing General Members.
        2. Dues are due on or before the October General Members’ Meeting.
        3. The Membership Chair is responsible for notifying members thirty (30) days prior to the October General Members’ Meeting of membership fees due. If dues are not paid within thirty (30) days following the October General Members’ Meeting, the member will be dropped from the organization.
        4. Discounted dues are available to new members July 1 of each year.
      2. Honorary Members
          Dues for Honorary Members are free, but require yearly membership approval at the October Executive Committee Meeting.
      3. Other Members
          Dues for other classifications of member are to be determined by Executive Committee.
      4. Rights of Membership
          The following rights and privileges are granted to members of the VCOS:

        1. Use of Club Discounts
        2. Voting Rights at Club Meetings
        3. Eligibility to attend, and to provide comment and input at, committee and officer meetings.
        4. Access to Club Websites
        5. Eligibility to Purchase Club Merchandise
        6. Eligibility to Attend Private Club Events
        7. Eligibility to Represent VCOS at any Scooter Event
      5. Resignations and Disciplinary Actions
          To Be Determined by the Executive Board
  4. Officers
    1. List of Officers
      1. President
      2. Vice President
      3. Secretary
      4. Treasurer
      5. Historian
      6. Public Relations Officer
      7. Newsletter Editor
      8. Ride Coordinator
      9. Information Technology Officer
      10. Membership Chair
    2. Duties
      1. President
        1. Conduct Executive Committee Meetings.
        2. Set agenda for General Members’ Meetings.
        3. Conduct General Members’ Meetings in the absence of the Vice President.
      2. Vice President
        1. Conduct General Members’ Meetings.
        2. Responsible for retention and sale of Club memorabilia.
        3. Perform the Secretary’s duties in his/her absence.
      3. Secretary
        1. Generate and distribute draft agendas for Executive Committee and General Members’ Meetings.
        2. Notify Officers of upcoming Executive Committee meetings.
        3. Record minutes and retain copies of agendas and approved meeting minutes for Executive Committee and General Members’ Meetings and post copies to VCOS e-groups and the Club Web site.
        4. Maintain and retain the bylaws.
        5. Retain a duplicate set of Treasurer’s records.
        6. Perform the Treasurer’s duties in his/her absence.
        7. Generate ballots for the annual election of Officers.
      4. Treasurer
        1. Maintain accurate financial records, ensure payment of bills and deposit of club funds in a timely manner.
        2. Maintain and monitor Officers’ and committees’ approved budgets.
        3. Provide forecasts to aid in committees’ proposed budgets.
        4. Present a Treasurer’s report at General Members’ Meetings. This report is to include the current bank balance and any outstanding or upcoming debts.
      5. Historian
        1. Retain, catalog, and store club memorabilia (flyers, letters, gifts from other clubs, etc.)
        2. Maintain photo albums.
        3. Retain records of club manuals and books.
      6. Public Relations Officer
        1. Solicit outside support and recognition for the club.
        2. Generate and mail thank-you letters.
        3. Solicit discounts for the club.
        4. Exchange memorabilia with other clubs.
      7. Newsletter Editor
        1. Generate a quarterly newsletter in a timely and cost-effective manner.
        2. Distribute the newsletter to all current members.
        3. Provide a master (electronic or hard) copy of the newsletter to the Historian.
        4. Produce a minimum of 20 extra copies of each issue of the newsletter for club use.
      8. Ride Coordinator
        1. Retain an accurate list of upcoming scooter rides and related events in the Northwest.
        2. Distribute events’ calendars at meetings.
        3. Supply the Newsletter Editor and Information Technology Officer with ride information.
        4. Organize and promote Sunday rides during the summer months.
      9. Information Technology Officer
        1. Administer member and public access to VCOS Web sites.
        2. Act as local/contact person for Web and e-mail-related issues.
        3. Act as liaison between Executive Committee and Web Committee.
        4. Archive, retain and distribute digital Club-related media.
      10. Membership Chair
        1. Produce membership cards.
        2. Distribute membership cards and new member’s packets at General Members’ Meetings.
        3. Maintain membership directory.
        4. Provide membership data necessary for producing newsletter mailing labels to the newsletter editor.
        5. Verify eligibility of New Member Requests for Forum access, and ensure that access is limited to current VCOS Members in Good Standing.
      11. All Officers
        1. Attendance at the entire Executive Committee meeting is
          mandatory. Each officer is to notify the other officers as soon as
          possible if he/she cannot attend a meeting. If an officer misses three
          consecutive meetings, or a total of four meetings without acceptable
          reasons he/she shall be removed from office. Whether a reason for
          not attending is acceptable is to be determined by a majority vote of
          the officers in attendance at the meeting from which the officer is
        2. It is the obligation of the current officers to transfer their materials
          to and train newly-elected officers to ensure the new officers are
          aware of and can perform their duties. This is to be done in a timely
          manner before November 1 of each year.
        3. Officers shall perform their duties in accordance with these bylaws
          and by the parliamentary authority laid out in Robert’s Rules of Order.
          Where a conflict exists between Robert’s Rules of Order and these
          bylaws, these bylaws take precedence.
    3. Terms of Office
        Yearly, commencing November 1 of each calendar year and concluding on October 31 of the following year.
    4. Nominations and Elections
      1. Officers will be elected annually.
      2. Nominations for officers shall be made at the September General Members’ Meeting.
      3. Members may nominate themselves.
      4. At the September General Members’ Meeting, the current President shall select three non-nominated VCOS members to run the election.
      5. At the October General Members’ Meeting, elections for Officers shall be held.
      6. Election of Officers shall be conducted using secret ballots provided by the Secretary.
      7. Nominees shall have the opportunity to make a brief statement on their behalf at the October General Members’ Meeting prior to votes being cast.
      8. Each officer shall be elected by a simple majority of votes cast by the members present (no absentee ballot voting is allowed).
  5. Meetings
    1. Quorum
      1. Executive Committee meetings require at least six (6) officers.
      2. General Members’ Meetings require at least ten (10) voting members, not counting the officers.
  6. Standing Rules
    1. Rules
      1. Members may attend Executive Committee meetings to support
        and/or voice concerns about proposals.
      2. All proposals must be submitted to the Executive Committee in
      3. Proposals may be announced at the General Members’ Meeting.
      4. Proposals will be reviewed, discussed and voted on at Executive
        Committee meetings.
      5. A simple majority of officers in attendance at the Executive
        Committee meeting is needed to pass a proposal.
      6. Officers can approve budget disbursements of up to $200.00.
      7. Budget disbursements in excess of $200.00 per item or situation
        must be approved by a majority of the members at a General
        Members’ Meeting.
      8. Use of the VCOS name for sponsorship of an event must be
        approved by the Executive Committee.
      9. Misuse of the club name or logo is subject to disciplinary action.
      10. A motion to adjourn General Members’ Meetings must be introduced
        by 9:30 pm.
      11. The Club is only liable for those expenditures approved by the Club.
        If a committee or individual spends money for something that was not
        approved by the Club, the committee or individual spending the
        money is responsible for the expense. If a committee or individual
        spends more money for an event or item than the amount approved
        by the Club, the over-expenditure may be presented for the Officers’
        consideration at the next Executive Committee Meeting. The Officers
        have the authority to (at their discretion) to compensate the
        committee or individual for up to 15% of the originally approved
        expenditure — the rest of the over-expenditure is the responsibility of
        the committee or individual.
  7. Executive Committee
    1. The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers as listed in Article IV.
    2. Executive Committee meetings are required monthly and are to be
      announced at the General Members’ Meetings.
  8. Standing Committees
    1. List of Standing Committees
      1. Scooter Insanity
      2. Internet
      3. Display/Trade Show
      4. Art
      5. Charity
    2. Rules for Committees
      1. Standing Committees are responsible for reporting regularly to the
        Executive Board.
      2. All Standing Committees are required to elect a chair annually.
      3. A special election of a new chair requires a 2/3 majority vote of
        current committee members.
      4. To be considered a committee member, the member must have
        attended the previous month’s regular committee meeting.
      5. The chair is responsible for notifying the General Members of regular
        committee meetings at the General Members’ Meetings.
  9. Parliamentary Authority
        Unless otherwise stated, Robert’s Rules of Order shall be used; where a
        conflict exists, these bylaws will take
  10. Amendment of Bylaws
    1. Members will be notified of any proposed amendments to the bylaws
      at least two (2) calendar weeks prior to a proposed vote.
    2. Proposed amendments to the bylaws shall be voted on at General
      Members’ Meetings, with a two-thirds vote of the members present at
      the meeting required to approve the amendment.
  11. Dissolution
    1. All club property remaining at dissolution will be sold.
    2. All funds remaining after debts have been paid will be donated to a
      club-specified charity or charities.
    3. Any surplus memorabilia/regalia will be donated to an organization
      designated by the Executive Committee.